The Ties That Bind

A visual portrayal of the importance of music in our lives


Music fanatics, all of us.

This set of portraits are of a group of friends I've met over the years going to Tori Amos shows here, there and everywhere.

I think the people who are drawn to Tori, and especially those who feel compelled to travel to multiple shows, are drawn to her music at times in their lives when they are especially vulnerable, unhappy, looking for answers, needing to heal from something... but that's only the reason you're drawn in—not the reason you stay. You stay because of the people you meet, the myriad adventures that promise to unfold along the way... because who else do you know that will drive from New York to Tampa in 17 hours, almost getting arrested in South Carolina for going 110mph on a 70mph stretch of highway and deftly like your way out of jail and into a ticket just so you could make sure you were there in time to hear the opening notes of the opening show of tour? Who else would spend the night on the ground of the amphitheatre in Red Rocks National Park just to make sure your group of friends and fellow travelers were first in line for a general admission show? But how do you portray this?

The best way I know how—through music, and trying to convey that visually in a way that anyone who sees these portraits can identify with, Tori fan or not.